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Don Bosco camp can easily accommodate all the needs of your school camp, whether it be rooms for group discussion, fast paced activities, things to do during free time or places to just chill out between sessions.

With a variety of on and off site activities and in house qualified leaders, Don Bosco Camp can provide full and half programmed camps tailored to the aims and goals of your camp. Alternatively, if you have established a great program, Don Bosco Camp is happy to provide the required facilities and catering to complement your program.

There are plenty of rooms equipped for activities, presentations and performances, as well as additional break out rooms full of games and couches for relaxation. The camp also offers many wide open areas with a variety of unsupervised activities and a central outdoor deck overlooking the camp site.

Finally, and most importantly, our camp cook provides delicious, homemade meals ensuring no camper will ever go hungry.

Don Bosco Camp is the perfect location for both primary and secondary school camps.

For more information about the camp site, refer to our facilities and catering sections.

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