Leadership Program

The Salesian Youth Leadership program is fundamental to Don Bosco Camp.

As part of our camp mission, we are committed to creating opportunities for young people in a wide variety of community settings.

The main youth leadership focus of Don Bosco Camp is the annual Leadership Camp, see below for further details.

The Salesians of Don Bosco also have a variety of youth leadership opportunities available for young people, including retreats, youth groups and our annual Salesian Youth gathering, OzBosco.

For more information on Salesian Youth Ministry works, visit the Australian Salesian Website.

Leadership Camp

The annual Leadership Camp is a week-long training course designed to provide leaders and potential leaders with a variety of tools, techniques and, most importantly, hands on experience in working with young people.

The leadership program is a valuable experience designed to support, encourage and equip participants to work with young people, not only on camps, but also in a wide variety of settings such as youth groups, parishes, schools and community groups.

Don Bosco firmly believed in peer-to-peer mentoring and leadership and it is on this model that we base our program. After completion of the leadership course, leaders are encouraged to participate as leaders on our holiday programs, joining our team and working beside more experienced leaders.

Who are the leaders?

Don Bosco Camp is in the fortunate position of having a pool of around 80-100 trained leaders who volunteer to run our holiday camps. Don Bosco Camp Leaders are a team of committed and passionate young people who specialise in running holiday camps.

The members of the team have years of experience running holiday camps, retreats and leadership training for young people. Many of these leaders were originally campers themselves who return to camp as young leaders eager to provide the next generation of campers the same fun-filled camp experience that they had.

All Don Bosco Camp Leaders work with the Salesian philosophy of friendship, fun and joy, walking beside the young.

Leaders Game

“Don Bosco camp truly has impacted my life in so many positive ways. From helping me learn new life long skills to building long lasting friendships. I am the person I am today largely due to the input camp has had on my life.”

Dino Martiniello, Camp Leader

“The Don Bosco Camp community is such an awesome community to be a part of. Being a part of this community and leading on camps has given me so many different opportunities to grow and learn new skills, while at the same time creating great memories with friends and providing a supportive environment to challenge myself. Most of all the best part about Don Bosco Camp is it’s so much fun!”

Teaghan Dolan, Camp Leader

“It is impossible to describe the effect don Bosco camp has had on my life. As a camper I developed my imagination, revelling in a world without limits. As a leader, I practiced engaging the imaginations of others, learning to inspire and animate without the need of traditional discipline. Camp and the Salesian experience is the gift that keeps on giving. Absolutely not to be missed.”

Felicity Walter, Camp Leader now St Vincent de Paul Primary School Liaison Officer

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