Don Bosco Camp Holiday Program

Holiday Program

The Don Bosco Camp Holiday Programs have been running at Safety Beach for over 70 years.

The holiday program consists of three types of camps:

Summer Camps

Three camps run during the January School Holidays for young people 9-16 years old

Winter Camps

Two camps run during the June/July School Holidays for young people 9-16 years old

Leadership Camp

Leadership program run the first week of December for young people 17 years and old. Click here to find out more about the Leadership Camp.

About the Holiday Camps

About Holiday Camps

The Don Bosco Holiday Camps are conducted for young people age 9-16 years during the summer and winter school holidays.

The camps are split into Junior (9-13 year olds) and Senior camps (13-16 year olds). An average camp will have 50-60 campers led by 20-25 volunteer youth leaders and assisted by camp staff.

The 4-5 day camps consist of a wide range of introductory, teambuilding activities to ensure that every camper feels welcomed and included. All activities are invented, planned and facilitated by the volunteer leaders to provide the campers the traditional, authentic camp experience away from life’s everyday distractions.

History of the Holiday Camps

Holiday Camp History

Established in 1945, Don Bosco Camp’s mission is, and always has been, to provide holiday camps for poor and disadvantaged young people. Being a not-for-profit organisation, the camp hires the site out during term time to finance the holiday programs for young people who would otherwise go without.

From its roots as a bush camp by the sea, Don Bosco Camp has developed a unique tradition of holiday programs involving teams of dedicated volunteers trained in the Salesian Preventive System. The huge popularity of the camps is no surprise to the Salesians. They emphasize the cornerstones of the Salesian Method: friendship, joy, freedom, presence and positive mentoring, especially with peer to peer youth leadership. At Don Bosco Camp we are now meeting third generation campers who have come here to experience some of the memories of their parents and grandparents.

Don Bosco Camp is committed to conducting and expanding our high quality, affordable camps which offer the traditional Salesian camp ministry to all young people, especially the disadvantaged.

“An amazing and fulsome experience that you will certainly take something good out of!”

Daniel Hart, Camper and now Leader

“Don Bosco Camp is home to some of the best memories that I have ever made. There is never a dull day at Don Bosco, the atmosphere there is so lively and fun with the amazing leaders who are so caring and full of character. The days are full of exciting and fun activities where we can all get involved and meet heaps of new people. I am so privileged to have experienced the extraordinary sense of community at Don Bosco where I have built many lifelong friendships.”

Stephanie Prigg, Camper and now Leader

“My first experience of camp was a little daunting at first but once I got to know the leaders, campers and camp grounds it calmed all the nerves. Every time that I go back it feels more and more like home whilst meeting new leaders and campers. The most exciting thing that we get to experience at camp is Suzie’s cooking! Every camp there is different types of amazing food Suzie cooks for all. The activities vary from camp to camp however it allows everyone to become better friends and experience new things whilst challenging ourselves.”

Maddi Giacomini, Camper

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