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Salesian Leadership Camp 2019

2014 Leadership Camp

The annual Salesian Leadership Camp is a 4 day training course designed to provide leaders and potential leaders with a variety of tools, techniques and, most importantly, hands on experience in working with young people.

The Salesian Leadership Camp program is a valuable experience designed to support, encourage and equip participants to work with young people, not only on camps, but also in a wide variety of settings such as youth groups, parishes, schools and community groups.

The Salesian Leadership program is a fundamental part of the Don Bosco Camp. We are committed to creating leadership opportunities for young people in a wide variety of community settings. We primarily do this through our Salesian Leadership Camp, giving young people an opportunity to learn and then lead by example.

Don Bosco firmly believed in peer-to-peer mentor and leadership and it is on this model that we base our program on. After completion of the leadership course, leaders are encouraged to participate as leaders on our holiday programs, joining our team and working beside more experienced leaders.


The cost of the camp is $150, which includes accommodation, all meals and activities, a leader’s kit and a leader’s T-Shirt.

Where more than one person from the same family is attending a camp, the charge for each additional person is reduced by $80. However, no person will be excluded because of financial reasons. (Please contact the camp manager for funding application and more details.)

Dates & Times

The camp starts at 10am on Monday December 2nd 2019. The camp ends at approximately 3.00pm on Thursday 5th December, 2019.

All applicants must have a current “Working with Children Check”. The check is free of charge for volunteers and can be processed at your local Post Office.

For more information visit:
Or contact camp staff.

The Salesian Leadership Camp is open for young people 16 years or older.